Palm Tree Removal Tamworth & Northwest
2 years ago
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NEG Tree Services > Palm Tree Removal Tamworth & Northwest

Professional Palm Tree Removal Tamworth & Northwest

We all love the additional beauty that palm trees can bring to any property; what with their unique shape and size that make them stand out from any other type of trees in our yards.

However, there are also a few unique challenges you will be facing when you have them in your yard. Apart from growing so tall and shedding outer layers they pose the risk of causing serious property damage whenever there is severe weather.

Don’t fall into the temptation of trying to trim them or cut them down on your own. Apart from being difficult to climb, cleaning them off can be a challenge unless you are experienced in palm tree services.

We have professional and highly experienced arborists Tamworth & Northwest who have every necessary tool that is required to enable the cleaning and cutting of palm trees safely and effectively.

As soon as you notice that your palm trees are beginning to die or they are simply getting in the way of some of your landscaping plans, simply call NEG Tamworth & Northwest Tree Removal and we can remove them for you safely and effectively.

We can guarantee our palm tree removal Tamworth & Northwest service that once we have done it you will be completely satisfied and your property will remain safe; this is why it is easier and safer to call us for palm tree removal jobs than attempting to do it on your own.

Our arborists Tamworth & Northwest team will assess your palm trees and determine whether any fronds need to be pulled off if they pose danger and after we are done we will always clean off the area.


We have expert arborists who will work with you and devise the safest and most effective way to cut and prune your tree.
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Tree stump removal Tamworth & Northwest is an important task to our arborists; we have the experience to handle any size of tree stump.
We have quality equipment and an experienced stump grinding team
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